• No1

    Empirical advantage

    Focus on mechanical research and
    manufacturing for more than 10 years,
    serving hundreds of high-quality
    customers every year,

  • no 2

    Model advantage

    Professional machinery research,
    manufacturing, installation, debugging,
    after-sales integration services.

  • no 3

    Quality advantage

    From the four aspects of design
    control, material control, manufacturing
    control, construction, control and
    after-sale control, the quality
    is strictly guaranteed.

  • no 4

    Design advantage

    The company has the leading
    domestic casting equipment design concept,
    excellent design and R & D team,
    according to customer needs
    to create professional

  • no 5

    Strength advantage

    We have 34000 square meters factory,
    professional design team of more than 10
    people, hundreds of professional
    production and installation
    team to provide high
    quality service
    for you.



  • no 6

    Service advantage

    Established a complete standardized
    after-sales process, professional after-sales
    service team to respond quickly to
    answer questions, promises to
    give you timely, careful
    high quality